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Western Subarctic

The Western Subarctic is a sub-area of the vast Subarctic geocultural area that extends from the coast of Labrador on the Atlantic Ocean to Cook Inlet (Alaska) and beyond that to the Pacific. More precisely, the Western Subarctic stretches from Ontario to Alaska.

Groups such as the Western Cree, Métis and Dene live in this geocultural area.

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Gloves (M993.142.1.1-2)

Anonyme - Anonymous
1880-1915, 19th century or 20th century

Model baby carrier - Cradleboard (M18538)

Model baby carrier - Cradleboard
Anonyme - Anonymous
1872-1878, 19th century

Dog blanket (ME927.1.8.2)

Dog blanket
Anonyme - Anonymous
1878-1900, 19th century