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Cook Family Fonds (P012)

1797-1985. - 400,2 cm of textual records, graphic and photographic material.

Administrative History - Biographical Sketch:

The nucleus of the Cook family consisted of George William Cook, his wife Willa Marion and their children Audrey Mark Elaine, Dorothy Mary, Marion Willa, Sarah Muriel Josephine and George Hebert. Two of the daughters married British Earls, one of whom was the son of the 4th Earl of Minto (Governor General of Canada from 1898 to 1904). Other family members included in the same fonds are the grandchildren of George William and Willa Marion, George William's ancestors and Willa Marion's family. In this enlarged family, we count militia captains, a recital violinist and a parliamentary representative.

George William's family was well known in Ontario, having made its fortune in the timber industry and land transactions. The Cooks operated Cook & Brothers, the Cook and Brothers Lumber Company of Ontario and the Cook Land Company Limited. When George William's family moved to Montreal, their principal residence was at the corner of Elm and Sherbrooke streets. Their fortune enabled them to occupy a prominent place in Montreal society. They also enjoyed entertaining at their country home in Val Morin, at Lac Norman.

Scope and Content:

The Cook family fonds is a written and visual record of the lives of the members of the Cook family and, to some extent, of the O'Meara family. Its textual documents and photographs offer a portrait of these Loyalist descendants, lumber businessmen and their families. Through personal, financial, accounting and legal records, the fonds provides information on four generations of Cooks.

The fonds is divided into the following series and subseries:

  • P012-A: Business Records
    • P012-A01: Cook & Brothers
    • P012-A02: The Cook and Brothers Lumber Company of Ontario
    • P012-A03: The Cook Land Company Limited
  • P012-B: Family Records
    • P012-B01: Vita Churchill
    • P012-B02: Cook Family
    • P012-B03: Audrey Mark
    • P012-B04: Elaine Cook
    • P012-B05: Catherine Elisabeth Cook
    • P012-B06: Dorothy Mary Cook
    • P012-B07: George C. Cook
    • P012-B08: George Herbert Cook
    • P012-B09: George Josiah Cook
    • P012-B10: George William Cook
    • P012-B11: James William Cook
    • P012-B12: John Larkin Cook
    • P012-B13: Marion Willa Cook
    • P012-B14: Sarah Muriel Josephine Cook
    • P012-B15: Sarah Parmelia Cook
    • P012-B16: Simon S. Cook
    • P012-B17: Willa Marion Cook
    • P012-B18: O'Meara Family