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School Work Collection (C145)

Botany, extract from Lydia Claire Lockner exercise book (detail), 1929. School Work Collection C145, C145/A2,6.1 © McCord Museum

The education of Lydia Claire Lockner

"Germination of corn and pea

First, testa falls off, root appears, then hypocotyle and first leaf [plumule] comes out then more leaves and a longer and stronger root. The endosperme [sic] never comes above ground but stays below. [Prop roots appear in corn]"

Though we may not know much about Lydia Claire Lockner, the owner of this science exercise book, we can trace her journey through the Protestant education system in Montreal thanks to her school papers, from art work and writing exercises done in kindergarten to botany exercises from her fourth year of high school.

In 1869, "An Act to confirm the denominational educational system in the province" gave English-speaking Protestants the right to their own school system, a system whose autonomy remained unchallenged until the educational reform of the 1960s. Within this separate system, high school, which is theoretically public and free, was intended to be the gateway to a university education, henceforth accessible to women. However, history does not tell us whether this was the road taken by Lydia Claire Lockner.

C145 School Work Collection. - [1865-1965]. - 23 cm of textual records.

Scope and Content

Featuring a variety of school-related materials, this collection covers a century in the history of Quebec education.

It is composed primarily of elementary and high school learning materials, such as textbooks, popular science books for children, notebooks and exercise books (for writing, botany, arithmetic and drawing), as well as cards with a series of thematic questions and a star finder. Some of these documents are identified with the owner's name, enabling us to follow part of the school experience of (Lydia) Claire Lockner, Hermine Fauteux, Gilbert Goudie, Sara Horan and Sophronia Frary. The collection also includes theory books and educational materials used by teachers, along with catalogues and order forms for these works.

In addition, there are assessment tools, like report cards and exams from Montreal High School, as well as diplomas and certificates documenting the achievements of elementary, high school and university students, some of which feature the owner's name.

Student newspapers, several phone books and a school directory complete this thematic collection.

Source of title proper: Based on the contents of the collection.

Immediate source of acquisition: The documents in this collection were gathered from various sources. Some were part of a series of donations made between the years 2000 and 2016, by collectors or the friends and family of the document owners. The donations of Ronald Place, Guy Giguère, Robert Roy, Deirdre Foucauld, Luc D'Iberville Moreau, Guy and Paule Plamondon, and Suzanne Bernardin made significant contributions to this collection.

Arrangement: Some documents previously preserved in the Victoria Dickenson Collection (C564) were integrated into this collection in 2014. Several documents previously preserved in the following collections were also integrated into this collection in 2016: Canadiana (C002), Susan Alain (C339) and Nathalie Monet (C578).

Language: The documents are in English and French.

Associated material:

Archives and Document Management Department, UQAM: Fonds Irène Sénécal (P10)

Musée acadien of the Université de Moncton: Textbook Collection

The BAnQ has several fonds and collections containing school-related materials and documents about educational book publishing, including the following: Collection historique du Saguenay (P2); Fonds Jacques Lamarche (P38); Fonds Société des éditeurs de manuels scolaires du Québec (P323); Fonds Société des éditeurs canadiens de manuels scolaires (P324); Fonds Conseil supérieur de l'éducation (E85).

The BAnQ also has a number of textbooks in its collection of old books. This collection is described in the Iris catalogue.

Accruals: Further accruals are expected.

Related groups of records: The McCord Museum has several fonds and collections containing school and education-related materials, including the Donalda David Fonds (P735), the Victor Isganaitis Fonds (P522) and the Louis-Joseph Cartier Family Fonds (P660).

The collection is divided into the following series, subseries and files:


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