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Canadian Pacific Collection (C630)

1923- about 1953. - 2 cm of textual records.

Administrative History - Biographical Sketch:

Canadian Pacific is a transportation company that has played a huge part in the history of Canada, operating railways and a shipping line.

The company's original rail system was built to link eastern Canada with British Columbia between 1881 and 1885. The construction followed on a promise related to the province's joining Confederation in 1871. It was the first transcontinental railway in Canada. While today CPR is essentially a freight rail system, for decades it was the only practical means of travelling long distances in many regions of the country, and served as an instrument of settlement and economic development of western Canada. The company got out of the passenger rail business in 1978, after Via Rail Canada had provided its passenger service for a time.

Scope and Content:

The subject of this collection is Canadian Pacific, and more specifically, the company's cruise ships, the services they offered, their cruises and passengers, and their railway passenger service in Canada.

The collection contains booklets on four different cruises: the sailings of the Montcalm from Montreal to Liverpool between April and June 1923 and in August 1924, and the trans-Atlantic crossing of the Montroyal from Quebec City to Liverpool in June 1924. The booklets include passenger lists, the schedules of the different cruise ships operated by Canadian Pacific and a variety of information for passengers (meals provided during the voyage, special events, medical services, telegraph, etc.). They also contain maps of the crossing route.

Also included in the collection are two programs for concerts given on the Montlaurier on August 29 and 30, 1923, as well as a luggage label for the same ship in the name of Miss Doris Lee.

Lastly, the collection includes a promotional booklet for CP's rail service from Montreal to Vancouver and a plan of the decks of the Empress of Canada from 1960.