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The Iroquois

This selection of approximately 100 images provides a sample of the collections related to the Iroquois groups. It documents the material culture and traditional way of life of this Aboriginal nation located in the North American Eastern Woodlands zone.


  • Clothing, accessories, headdresses, jewelry, brooches, bracelets;
  • Tomahawk, pipes, musical instruments;
  • Containers and baskets, baby carriers, dolls;
  • Representations and photographs of the Iroquois, in particular their chiefs and lacrosse players, as well as photos of the Kahnawà:ke Mohawk village (near Montreal).


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SA GA YEATH QUA PIETH TOW, King of the Maquas. (M1886)

SA GA YEATH QUA PIETH TOW, King of the Maquas.
John Verelst
1710, 18th century

Dress (M10568)

Anonyme - Anonymous
1845-1855, 19th century

Baby carrier (cradleboard) (M10992)

Baby carrier (cradleboard)
Anonyme - Anonymous
1900-1925, 20th century