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Balls (In the 19th and Early 20th Centuries)

This selection of approximately 100 images deals with balls, in particular, charity balls, costume balls and association or private balls held in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Among the artifacts are representations and photographs of balls as well as costumes and accessories worn at them. Especially popular during the Victoria era, balls were governed by numerous moral conventions and rules of etiquette.


  • Photographs of ballrooms, representations of balls, cartoons about balls, portraits of people dressed for costume balls;
  • Ball gowns, fans, evening wear;
  • Dance cards, menus, dance programs.


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Ball Dress (from Lady's Magazine) (M2003X.6.4.453)

Print - Fashion Plate
Ball Dress (from Lady's Magazine)
August 1824, 19th century

Dress (M14797.1-2)

About 1860-1863, 19th century

Order of dance (C288_G.18)

Dance card
Order of dance
20th century