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John Collins (1917-2007), Cartoonist

This selection of approximately 100 images is made up of the cartoons of John Collins published in the Montreal newspaper, The Gazette, between 1937, when he started working for the paper, and 1973, when he left it. These cartoons covering almost four decades depict the main political, economic and social events of the period; those on the Second World War are particularly noteworthy.


  • Cartoons on the Second World War and leading figures in the conflict;
  • Cartoons on various events and social and economic issues after the mid-20th century;
  • Cartoons depicting Canadian and international politicians and sports personalities.


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Judy in Blunderland. (M965.199.2629)

Drawing, cartoon
Judy in Blunderland.
John Collins
About 1964, 20th century

Royal Records. (M965.199.2441)

Drawing, cartoon
Royal Records.
John Collins
About 1945, 20th century

Changing Styles in Ottawa. (M965.199.6623)

Drawing, cartoon
Changing Styles in Ottawa.
John Collins
1968, 20th century