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Cartoons (1900-1950)

This series of approximately 100 images includes a selection of cartoons by Owen Staples (1866-1949) (alias Rostap), John Collins (born 1917), Arthur George Racey (1870-1941) and Frank Duggan (1904-1987). These four cartoonists published their drawings between 1900 and 1950 in Canadian newspapers and magazines.


  • Boer War, First and Second World Wars, Cold War;
  • Inflation, rising taxes, conscription, the war effort;
  • Canadian political parties and dignitaries, the economy, international affairs, Canada-U.S. relations;
  • Railway companies, modes of transportation, women.


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Boosted (M2001X.

Drawing, cartoon
1900, 20th century

World Wheat and Economic Situation (M2005.23.1)

Drawing, cartoon
World Wheat and Economic Situation
Arthur George Racey
1933, 20th century

The Leopard Changes His Spots. (M965.199.323)

Drawing, cartoon
The Leopard Changes His Spots.
John Collins
About 1950, 20th century