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"Canadian Illustrated News" and "L'Opinion publique", Canada's First Illustrated Newspaper

This selection of approximately 120 engravings represents illustrations that appeared in the Montreal newspaper Canadian Illustrated News (1869-1883) and its French-language counterpart, L'Opinion publique (1870-1883). Among the artists featured are Henri Julien, Eugene Haberer, A. Leroux, William Carlisle, Edward Jump, I. J. Pranishnikoff, John Wilson Bengough and John Henry Walker, in addition to several anonymous artists. Canadian Illustrated News was the first newspaper in Canada to be illustrated using the process of lithography.


  • Engravings illustrating sports scenes and events such as balls, fairs, festivals and disasters;
  • Cartoons and newspaper mastheads representing places and buildings such as the Lachine Canal, the aqueduct, a factory and a store.


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A Race on the Ice - Bicycles v. Skates (M975.62.72)

A Race on the Ice - Bicycles v. Skates
Anonyme - Anonymous
1881, 19th century

The Duck Shooting Season (M985.230.136)

The Duck Shooting Season
Henri Julien
1877, 19th century

Line 45; or our Wall of China (M982.530.5307)

Line 45; or our Wall of China
Henri Julien
February 12,1876, 19th century