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David Ross McCord (1845-1930), Collector

This series features approximately 125 images that reflect the type of artifacts collected in the late 19th and early 20th centuries by David Ross McCord, founder of the McCord Museum: paintings, prints, archival documents, items of decorative and ethnographic art representing a large segment of his collections.


  • Ethnographic objects such as clothing, accessories, items made for sale to tourists;
  • Archival documents, paintings, prints and drawings depicting in particular places and prominent Canadians, decorative art objects, wood blocks, medals, weapons;
  • Photographs of David Ross McCord and his home.


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Fossil (M996X.2.272)

Wood block
John Henry Walker (1831-1899)
about 1875, 19th century

Container with lid (M110.0-1)

Container with lid
Anonyme - Anonymous
1865-1900, 19th century

Wild flower, 1834-1852 (M1232)

Wild flower, 1834-1852
Anne Ross McCord
1834-1852, 19th century