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Ethnographic Objects from David Ross McCord's Collection

This series of approximately 100 images brings together a selection of ethnographic objects collected in the 19th century by David Ross McCord, founder of the McCord Museum of Canadian History. The images depict various objects from McCord's collection including clothing and accessories as well as utilitarian, decorative and trade goods.


  • Parka, "Amauti," caps, leggings, skirts, belts, decorative bands, hoods, necklaces;
  • Baby carriers and pouch for carrying a baby, bags, boxes, ladles;
  • Objects decorated in motifs embroidered with porcupine quills, model canoes, baskets;
  • Broaches, cross of Lorraine, pipes, "Tomahawk," sheath.


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Placemat (M2203)

Anonyme - Anonymous
1895-1905, 19th century or 20th century

Headdress (M92)

Anonyme - Anonymous
1855-1865, 19th century

Headdress container (M268)

Headdress container
Anonyme - Anonymous
1865-1900, 19th century