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Masculine Fashion, from the 17th to the 19th Century

This selection of approximately 110 images shows fashion for men from the 17th to the 19th century. From the suit to the tie, with nods to the hat, uniform, formal wear, bathing suit and men's trousers, this selection reveals the evolution of masculine fashion.


  • Men's suits, trousers and shorts, tailcoats, frockcoats, evening wear, overcoats, dressing gowns, uniforms, athletic uniforms and caps, jackets, slippers, ties, kerchiefs;
  • Prints and photographs illustrating men's clothing;
  • Women's wear inspired by men's clothing.


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Coat and waistcoat (M972.51.1-2)

Coat and waistcoat
About 1775, 18th century

Frock coat (M973.49.7)

Frock coat
1880-1890, 19th century

Top hat (M980.37.2)

Top hat
1892, 19th century