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Children's Games in the 20th Century

This selection of approximately 125 images reveals the world of children's play during the 20th century. Featured in the series are games and toys such as dolls, figurines, stuffed bears, various means of transportation, household items and books.


  • Dolls, figurines, stuffed animals, soldiers, puppets;
  • Means of transportation and household furniture and accessories;
  • Children's books, crayons, various games;
  • Images of children with their toys.


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Teddy Bear (M948.2.2.1)

Teddy Bear
1900-1940, 20th century

Building blocks (M986.53.1.1-2)

Building blocks
1900-1920, 20th century

Suzie (M994.31.1.1)

Hand puppet
1959-1973, 20th century