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The Inuit of Nunavik and Elsewhere, about 1920

This selection of approximately 75 images provides a sample of the collections related to the Inuit in Nunavik, a region located in northern Quebec. It documents their way of life around 1920. Though some artifacts are not from Nunavik, they are still representative of the material Inuit culture.


  • Photographs depicting, among other things, activities linked to the Hudson Bay Company;
  • Various tools;
  • Clothing and accessories;
  • Other traditional artifacts.

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Inuit group making a kayak, about 1919 (MP-0000.597.527)

Inuit group making a kayak, about 1919
Captain George E. Mack
About 1919, 20th century

Snow goggles (ME930.10)

Snow goggles
Anonyme - Anonymous
1900-1905, 20th century

Young girl's parka (ME967X.43)

Young girl's parka
Anonyme - Anonymous
1900-1930, 20th century