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The Cold War in Cartoons

This selection of approximately 300 cartoons provides a sample of the collections related to the ideological clash of the second half of the 20th century between the United States and the USSR, the two superpowers of the day. The cartoons are mostly those of John Collins (1917- ), former cartoonist at the Montreal newspaper The Gazette.


  • Nuclear arms race;
  • Quest to conquer outer space;
  • Armed conflicts: Korean War (1950-1953), Cuban Missile Crisis (1962), Vietnam War (1964-1975), etc.;
  • Collapse of the Berlin Wall contributing to the end of the Cold War (1989).

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The Changing Grip. (M965.199.9804)

Drawing, cartoon
The Changing Grip.
John Collins
About 1949, 20th century

Can't Tame It and Can't Get Off. (M965.199.1640)

Drawing, cartoon
Can't Tame It and Can't Get Off.
John Collins
About 1965, 20th century

"Look, I Have a Beard Too !". (M965.199.2389)

Drawing, cartoon
"Look, I Have a Beard Too !".
John Collins
March 21, 1960, 20th century