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The Second World War

This selection of approximately 150 images provides a sample of the collections related to the Second World War (1939-1945). It recalls several elements of Canada's involvement, both from a military and non-military perspective.


  • Cartoons (home front, fight against Hitler, major battles, concentration camps, use of atomic bombs, etc.);
  • Naval shipbuilding in North Vancouver;
  • Home front (recruitment, conscription, rationing, factories, Canadian military camps, etc.).

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To Which Voice Will He Listen? (M965.199.3350)

Drawing, cartoon
To Which Voice Will He Listen?
John Collins
April 28, 1942, 20th century

Where's Joe? (M965.199.4567)

Drawing, cartoon
Where's Joe?
John Collins
About 1944, 20th century

The Tide Comes In (M965.199.4595)

Drawing, cartoon
The Tide Comes In
John Collins
1944, 20th century