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Education in Québec, before and after the Parent reform

Drawn from the collections of the McCord Museum, this selection consists of some 60 cartoons on education from the 1950s to today. Most of the drawings were done by cartoonists John Collins (1917-2007), Normand Hudon (1929-1997), Aislin (born 1942), Serge Chapleau (born 1945) and Éric Godin (born 1964), who all worked, or still work, for Montreal newspapers.


  • Backwardness of Québec's education system before Quiet Revolution
  • Educational reforms since 1960
  • Strikes by teachers and students

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The Three R's. (M965.199.8718)

Drawing, cartoon
The Three R's.
John Collins
About 1956, 20th century

Bill 60 (M997.63.173)

Print (photomechanical)
Bill 60
Jacques Gagnier
1963, 20th century

Find the error (M2003.143.18.1)

Montage, cartoon
Find the error
Serge Chapleau
2001, 21st century