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Collins, John

John Collins (born 1917) was, for over forty years, the editorial cartoonist for The Gazette in Montreal. The cartoons he did during the Second World War were extremely popular, and several were bought and published by the New York Times. Collins had no shortage of subjects during the 1950s, when he turned his pen on the governments of Mackenzie King and Louis St. Laurent, as well as on the CBC and the Canadian army, for its ineptitude during the Cold War. Collins caricaturized the minister of defence, Brooke Claxton, so often that Claxton almost sued The Gazette for defamation.

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The Retreat From Moscow. (M965.199.2227)

Drawing, cartoon
The Retreat From Moscow.
John Collins
November 2, 1943, 20th century

Losing Face. (M965.199.7795)

Drawing, cartoon
Losing Face.
John Collins
About 1951, 20th century

Winter Sports. (M965.199.6541)

Drawing, cartoon
Winter Sports.
John Collins
1968, 20th century